Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Already Starting

One more day until MOH (My Other Half) leaves for a month and here we have it. The mystery leak from behind the wall in my bathroom is finally being addressed. There are two men here who claim to be plumbers. This is their second visit today, because as you know from previous posts, there is always a site visit first. They come, they look, they leave, and sometimes they come back. At least they brought their own tools this time (that’s directed at you useless electrician aka eye-bolt inserter).

My bathroom wall is being ripped open. They believe the leak is coming from the adjacent bathroom, but they’re going in through mine (behind the bidet). Who the hell is going to repair the wall when they’re done? These “plumbers?” I think not. I’m sure there’s another group that will be sent to do that. In the mean time I fear the cats with enter the hole never to be seen again.

MOH is on leave until his trip Friday so it’s easy for him to be at their beck and call. If this is not all fixed by tomorrow (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – right) then we have a problem. I cannot afford to take leave from work to deal with house shit, especially since sometimes they just don’t show up. I’ll take a picture when they leave tonight and add it to the post.

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