Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Deed - Unpunished? Maybe.

So you know those neighbors that complained about our barking dogs? The ones who have four barkers of their own? I totally just rescued one of their dogs. You’re welcome.

They have this little mini pinscher that somehow broke out of their yard tonight. They, of course, are not home. They have a wrought iron fence like ours but have plastic up around it so, I assume, their little dog can’t get out. Well it did. MOH (My Other Half) and I were in the kitchen and our four were going crazy outside. Not really a cause for concern – it happens. MOH went out to shut them up and comes running in and says that there’s a puppy in our yard.

I experienced several emotions in a matter of seconds. First: dread. What were we going to do with it? I certainly can’t toss it out on the street! Second: fear. I was sure Max would kill it. Third: excitement. Ooh a puppy! Another little pup to add to our tribe!

We ran out in the yard and there it was. Sweet! Then we realized it was the neighbor’s dog. Max was sniffing it, but Caesar was going nuts. He’s my spoiled little one and I believe he decided he would not share any of Mommy’s affections with a new little dog. The pup ran back out of our yard (through the bars) and tried to get back in his own yard, but the plastic was blocking him.

MOH and I put ours in and went outside to find the rogue mini pin. He was in the alley shivering. He wanted nothing to do with MOH so I told him to stand back and let me try. I got all Dog Whisperer and got down on his level and talked to him. He shakily approached me and I snatched him up. I cooed to him and he shook the whole time. I dropped him back over his fence (it’s not that high) and he seemed happy. We can’t figure out how he got out.

I’ll have to visit the neighbors tomorrow to tell them, through a combination of my Italian and sign language, that their little one can get out. Do you think they’ll say, “Thank you?” I’m not sure. I feel that somehow this will be our fault – we’re so popular here in our Italian parco. I would have just died if our dogs had hurt it (you’ll remember the rat incident – it was about the same size).


  1. Did you visit your neighbors? What did they say? I think you're a GREAT neighbor for doing that good deed!

  2. They have not been home anytime that I have! I have no idea where they are. If they're out of town it seems like the dogs are beeing fed. I haven't seen anymore breakouts from that rogue mini pin. Weird.