Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You're Watching AFN

Ok. So here in Italy, being part of the military, we get AFN (American Forces Network). When we come here we get an AFN decoder (like a cable box). We get about 12 channels. We get some current TV, a little behind when it’s aired in the US, but OK. We don’t have a lot to choose from.

We are subject to a lot of propaganda rah rah military commercials (still OK with that). However, they are running a new batch of completely moronic bits that tell us, “You’re watching AFN.” Really? I’d understand if we had more than one network option, but EVERY channel is AFN. Do you need to keep telling me what I’m watching?

You have little kids playing instruments telling me, faces painted on hands (seriously) telling me, men running through fields telling me, and people eating other people’s birthday cakes (again, seriously) telling me. Guess what? I’m watching AFN. It’s all I get. What else can I watch?

Hey everyone I’M WATCHING AFN!


I'll tell you about our Superbowl "commercials" tomorrow.

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