Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Sleep

Just a little bit of me:

Dark of night breeds restless thoughts
Where quite masks the storm within,
Cruel silence seeps from every pore
As the fight for sleep is waged again.

When balance falters doubts are stirred
By icy fingers laced with truth,
And smoldering embers of peace long lost
Greedily devour fleeting youth.

No vice can quiet the unsettled mind
That spins its riddles no man can solve,
Fueled by the light of a bitter moon
Perversely delighted as sanity dissolves.

Echoes unleashed from a haunted tomb
Cannot be silenced without facing the ghosts,
Resurrected nightly to tease and taunt
The blood rimmed eyes that won’t stay closed.

Heavy is the burden of the restless mind
And long are the hours that Luna rules,
Drunk with defeat I fall to my knees
And bow to insomnia, my dreaded muse.


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